Friday, January 21, 2005

Test: Find your poker leaks

Stumbled uppon this interesting online test to find out how good/bad you are as a poker player.
Did you check when you should have raised?
Do you raise when it is time to flop?
Are you slowplaying strong hands too often?

I got 5/8 so I got some reading to do...
You Don't Know What You're Missing

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Blog it or hate it but it sure drives up your stat count...
One thing I hate about BE is that people can rate your blog without leaving any is one thing to be able to rate a blog anonymously but to do it without letting the blog owner know why you like or dislike the site is counter-productive...was the low rating because I spell bad or because there are ads on the blog...was the high rating because you like the content or the style?
So if you rate my blog please let me know why you rated me high/low so I can use your criticism to continue develop Moody Poker.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interpoker: $20 for free...and more...

Here is a quick heads up about Interpoker.
...sign up for free with Interpoker but do not deposit any money (yet).
Within 7-14 days Interpoker will send you a E-mail offering you $20 for free for playing one real money you can cash out any time.

Add that to Interpokers great bonus program...
Interpoker will match your first deposit 100% up to $90.
And every month you can get a $90 loyalty bonus (depends on how many hands you play).
And on top of that they will from time to time pay you money, $10-$30 per hour, to start a new table.
And on top of that the Interpoker room manager Ryan Hartley (username RyanH) will be sending a message to players he spots on the tables giving away $10-$100 for free.

So for a first $90 deposit you will get from $110 up to $330 for free!

Click the banner below to sign up or to get more info about Interpoker.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

OT rant: Get Firefox.

I had a burst of inspiration this morning and remade my blog.
I was very happy with the result until I saw how IE rendered it. IE made my thing of beauty look like something my cats had barfed up...
So I had to resort to "uglyfy"
The Moody Poker Blog just so that IE would be able to render it properly...I just cant understand why it is so difficult for a large company as microsoft to create a browser that adhere to W3 standards.

Therefore my plea to you are: For the love of God! Please, please, please download and start using Firefox.

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