Friday, February 18, 2005

InterPoker $20 questionnaire

Do you want $20 for free?
Of course you do... :)
Answer this questionnare (before 20 feb) from InterPoker and they will deposit $20 into your InterPoker account.
Easy as pie...mmm pie...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ads and what not...

I have been doodling with ad placements and with which ad provider to use for The Moody Poker Blog and have so far had mixed results...
Yesterday I stumbled across a Google Adsense competitor called AffiliatePowerAds and will now start using them as my 2nd main ad provider (together with ClixGalore).
Please let me know if any of the ads create popups, seems "fraudulent" or if you have any other feed back.

FL Hold'Em Strategy Article

Here is a small gem for all you Fixed Limit players...
Lots of good "dos" and "donts" when playing FL.
The Texas Hold'Em strategy page by Abdul Jalib.

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