Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Surf/Search bars...

Malware...hate it or...hate it with a passion!

I have almost stopped blog exchange surfing for one single reason.
One or more sites at BlogaZoo, BlogClicker, BlogExplosion or BlogTraffic have time and time again "infected" my computer with all kinds of malware...most often it is a search/surfbar that attaches itself to IE or the desktop.
The easy way out is to stop using IE but I have to, for reasons beyond my control, use this "piece-o-crap"...but if you have a choice please dump IE now and download FireFox.

The Malware are quite easy (albeit time consuming) to uninstall but enough is enough...
I need your help to find the blogs/sites that keep spreading this scourge.

So if you come across a site that tries to infect your computer with Malware or what not please pop over to and post the URL to the culprit in the comment section under this post.

When 3 or more people have reported the same site I will then contact the admins for the above mentioned blog exchanges and ask them to remove the culprits from circulation.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Blog Traffic Exchange - Update

BlogTraffic are now open for business...
100+ blogs (and nothing but blogs) to surf and earn credits from.
So far I like it a lot... =)

So the threesome has now become a foursome.
BlogClicker, BlogaZoo (my favorite) and BlogExplosion now have some friendly competition in BlogTraffic.
They are not open for traffic yet but they do accept member hurry up and become one of the first to sign up. =)

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