Friday, April 01, 2005

Moodys 6 month gambling summary

Deposits over the last 6 months: $667 (the neighbor of the beast!)
Cashins over the last 6 months: $1178
Net winnings the last 6 months: $511

Biggest win in one month: $102 at
Biggest loss in one month: $47 at

Smallest win in one month: $11 at
Smallest loss in one month: $6 at

Money in play today: $210
Money in transfer today (to or from my account): $320

Affiliate payments to me the last 6 months: $215
Affiliate payments from me to signups the last 6 months: $135

It has all in all been a very good 6 months...thank you all. :)

I have recently been "drifting" away from online poker and towards online casino gambling...I guess it is because it is a more relaxing playing against the house instead of playing against trash talking poker players. ;)

See you at the tables!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Vegas Towers Casino 100% bonus

100% up to $50 new player no wagering requirements bonus...niiiiice!
...and a 50% second deposit bonus if you use neteller.
I did not see the one about neteller when I made my 2nd deposit...poop. :/

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